How to get perfect eyebrows in 4 steps



Hey guys!


I finally get to take you through my eyebrow routine in pictures! 

I had planned on filming this for you but working with natural light is not easy, it's actually quite unreliable. You'll notice the difference in lighting in the photos and you'll understand what I mean. It really bugged me so I decided to take a few shots from the videos that I could work with.

I'll try to film this tutorial again and again and again until I get the video up! In the meantime, I hope you'll find this post helpful to get you started with your routine.

I'm going to show you the steps I go through to achieve the most perfect but still natural looking brow ; I like them darker and much more defined. 

You can use what you prefer to draw them on ; pencil or gel. I used a pencil here but the same exact technique applies for gel.





  • Consider the arrows to be a pencil, pen or anything of that shape that you can use.
  • Do this in front of a mirror while looking straight forward.






How far apart should your brows be?

Place the pencil where the orange arrow is, that's how far inward you should draw your eyebrows.


Where should your brows arch?

Looking straight forward, place the pencil on your nostril and have it go over the iris of your eye, just like the pink arrow. Where the arrow points is where the arch of your brow should be.


How long should the tail of your brow be?

Just like the yellow arrow, place your pencil at the corner of your nostril as well as the corner of your eye. Your brow should stop where the arrow points.

I can't stress enough the importance of having decent looking brows as they shape your face and can make you look totally different depending on how you do them.

What I usually recommend when it comes to finding your brow shape is to first grow your brows back. Most of us got a first brow groom that messed up the shape from the get-go and we kind of kept with it. When you do grow them back, you'll see your natural brow shape which usually works for your face.

Now that we have that covered, let's go through the process.





As you can probably tell, I already have foundation on. Unlike popular opinion, I always do my eyebrows after my foundation routine because I realized it makes my brows look more natural compared to when I do them first - I owe this trick to queen Destiny Godley 🙌🏾

Start by brushing your brows upwards and outwards (towards the tail) ; this should show you the shape of your eyebrows and where you should fill them in.




Now, we start drawing and filling the brows in.

You have to be light handed here and use small light strokes to mimic your brow hairs. That is one of the tricks to be used to achieve a natural look.


You should start by drawing a line from the middle low part of your brows going outwards while following the natural shape of your brow. Then do the same on the top part. Then you'll do the same, now from the middle going inward, towards your nose.

After drawing the lines, we can now start filling the inside of the brows. This is where the light strokes come in handy.

When using a gel, just use the product left on your brush to fill in the brows ; take the brush and flick (a certain song just crossed my mind 🎶🎵 flick of the wrist 🎶🎵) it from the lower line into the inside of the brow.





After filling the brows in, you'll need to brush them again. This will help if the brows have somehow ended up looking too drawn in.

No pressure, keep on using light strokes here. We don't want to erase what we've just done.

Brush the inner part of the brow to make it lighter mimicking the natural shape and look of brows.





Concealing helps correcting mistakes such as drawing over the intended borders of your brows. It also helps if the brows are in need of a grooming. It will make your brows look cleaner.

Put little to no amount of concealer on your brush, we don't want the sharp looking line around our brows. 

Under the brow you can use a concealer 1 or 2 shade lighter than your actual skin tone. For the top part though, please use a concealer in your actual shade.

After concealing, you have to blend (blend, blend, blend, blend! I can never say this enough) and set the concealer with powder.

There's an alternative to the concealer when it comes to correcting mistakes : cotton buds (or swabs). Just dip it in water or better yet makeup remover and correct.



And  VOILA!  The  finished  eyebrows  (and  look)




The first few times you'll try filling in your brows you'll have a hard time but with practice, this routine will take you 10 to 15 mins - on a bad day!



As usual, if you have any questions about this post, you can leave a comment or email me.

Thank you for reading and I hope you'll come back.